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How to Get Blockchain Analytics for Free

With the increasing adoption of cryptocurrency, blockchain analytics is becoming more important. Cryptocurrency exchanges, traders, investors, businesses, and…
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7 Best Chains to Stake on for 2023

Crypto staking is becoming increasingly popular as a way to earn rewards on your investment. By staking your…
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Why Optimism is the Premium Ethereum L2 Chain

The blockchain is a distributed database that allows for transparent, secure, and tamper-proof record-keeping. However, the scalability of…
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Binance is Everywhere: A Social Commentary

Given that Binance is the leading cryptocurrency exchange with 120 million registered users worldwide, it makes sense that…
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Here’s Why Your DApp Should Be on Cronos

Cronos is a powerful and secure public blockchain platform that enables businesses and developers to build sophisticated decentralised…
A white man in a blue shirt sits on the right side of the image, drinking from a blue cup and looking at 2 computer screens filled with financial charts and information.
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How to Use Crypto On-Chain Data

If you are in the cryptocurrency space, chances are that you have come across terms such as on-chain…
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Analysis: A Deep-Dive into Cartesi (CTSI)

Blockchain technology is revolutionising the way the world does business and has the potential to transform many industries.…
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What is Ethereum Classic (ETC)?

It all started with the advent of Bitcoin in 2009. But as blockchain technology gained traction, Ethereum entered…
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How Much Does it Cost to Build a dApp?

Blockchain technology is here to stay. Thanks to the astronomical increase in crypto asset prices, interest in cryptocurrency…
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Get Free Crypto On-Chain Data

On-chain data is a critical part of the cryptocurrency market. For traders and investors, this data is required…
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How to Stake ETH in Less Than 5 Minutes

The cryptocurrency markets are currently booming, with the masses joining in on the cryptocurrency craze and trying to…
A finger is on a screen showing a financial chart.
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How to Get Crypto Data API for Free

Whether you are a cryptocurrency trader, speculator, developer, or just a passionate soul looking to delve deeper into…
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How to Build Your Own Blockchain Game

Gaming is one of the first real use cases for blockchain technology. While this technology is helping revamp…
An image of a padlock in the midst of little model tech devices. It depicts communication and information security, which is what zero-knowledge proof aims to provide.
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3 Powerful Applications of Zero-Knowledge Proof

Blockchain technology has revolutionised the traditional finance industry by bringing decentralisation, transparency, and immutability to the forefront. This…
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5 Most Popular Crypto Games of 2022

Gaming is a market with an audience of 2.7 billion people, which makes it actually bigger than Hollywood,…
white cartesi logo in front of a dark background
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Cartesi: Why We Need a Blockchain OS

A blockchain is a database distributed among network participants that guarantees accurate and secure data storage. Distributed ledger…