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The Decentralisation of Blockchains

Before talking about decentralisation and the birth of blockchain, we must go back to when the internet was…
A broken piggy bank with cryptocurrency tokens on a blue surface.
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How to Pay Your Student Loan With DeFi

Both traditional and decentralised finance (DeFi) provide good benefits to individuals, professionals, and businesses. The market for financial…
An image of a digital Polkadot logo against a dark blue background
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How to Stake Polkadot With Ledger

If you haven’t tried staking cryptocurrencies yet, this is the sign you’ve been waiting for. More and more…
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What Does It Mean to Stake Crypto?

Crypto staking is not a novel concept. After trading coins, activities such as providing liquidity, mining, and staking…
Glasses and nano wallet on a folder with documents, bills and notes on a desk
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A Step-By-Step Guide to Cold Staking

Staking of cryptocurrencies offers two options for investors: online and cold staking. Online staking is when you purchase…
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Top Influential Women in Blockchain

There is no denying that the blockchain space is predominantly male. It’s rare to find projects led by…
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What Is a Validator in PoS?

For those currently exploring the concept of staking, it’s most likely that you’ve come across the term validators.…