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7 Best DeFi Podcasts to Listen to in 2022

You can learn almost anything on podcasts– from discussions, speeches, and debates to news. The podcast is one of the best and most convenient channels to learn about cryptocurrency and decentralised finance (DeFi). It’s a platform filled with experts and professionals sharing their own experiences with their listeners about what’s happening in the crypto world and other subject matter. 

Learning DeFi on podcasts is more convenient than watching on YouTube, TikTok or other platforms since you get to listen to it anywhere and anytime. You can also download these digital files for offline listening, compared to other platforms which do not offer download features for some videos. 

However, since anyone can make their own podcast, it’s challenging to find the best DeFi podcasts that will provide you with a comprehensive explanation of how DeFi works. So, here’s a list of reliable and great quality DeFi podcasts you must follow in 2022. 

Into the Ether

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DeFi is one type of industry that uses blockchain technology to eliminate intermediaries for faster, reliable, and efficient transactions. Whether you’re new or experienced in the field of crypto, Into the Ether can provide you with intensive discussions and interviews focused on Ethereum and DeFi. It’s usually hosted by Eric Conner, inviting prominent guests with great knowledge and experience about current news, trends, and developments on various aspects of blockchain. You can listen to its 200+ episodes on iTunes, Spotify, and many other podcasts platforms. 

The DeFi Download

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Another podcast to listen to when you’ve decided to enter the world of decentralized finance is The DeFi Download. It offers 60 episodes focusing on explaining the DeFi space and discussions with leaders. You can listen here to crypto security, dApp.com, and maximizing DeFi yield. The podcast is owned and hosted by the CEO of Radix DLT., Piers Ridyard, and is accessible on all major podcast channels. 

Modern Finance

If you’re a fan of Kevin Rose, the popular investor, and influencer featured on TV shows and magazines, you should check out his podcast called Modern Finance. The podcast of Kevin dedicates in-depth discussions and interviews about cryptocurrency, DeFi, NFT, bitcoin, and every aspect of the blockchain industry. He invites experts and entrepreneurs to share their take regarding the development of modern finance. You can listen to Modern Finance’s 50+ total episodes on all major podcasts platforms and subscribe for updates. 

The Defiant

You can also check out The Defiant podcast hosted by Camila Russo to listen to DeFi-focused discussions. Camila is a crypto and financial journalist with proven experience in various markets. She shares more than 80 episodes of interviews, news, and updates about the trends and developments in the decentralized finance industry. She invites known personalities to share their first-hand experience of the new emerging world in the presence of blockchain technology. You can stay updated with The Defiant by following the podcast on iTunes, Spotify, and other podcast channels available in your country. 

The Fintech Blueprint

You can also stay updated with all the current happenings of fintech and DeFi with The Fintech Blueprint. The podcast focuses on providing feedback, updates, discussions, and accurate analysis of the growing industries. You can listen to The Fintech Blueprint on DeFi, blockchain, chatbots, AI, mixed reality, and all other things you need to know to understand modern changes and developments. The podcast is created and hosted by Lex Sokolin, an entrepreneur and Head Economist of ConsenSys, a company known for creating applications and buildings through blockchain technology. You can listen to almost 48 episodes of The Fintech Blueprint on various major podcasts platforms. 

DeFi Decoded

Learn the fundamentals of DeFi and blockchain technology through the DeFi Decoded podcast. Its globally-acknowledged hosts Alex Topscott, a business advisor and author, along with Andrew Young will keep you posted about the happenings in the DeFi space. Defi decoded will surely give you the overall idea of the emerging technology with its 43 episodes of well-curated discussions and interviews with prominent guests. 

Asia DeFi Network

Asia DeFi Network is another podcast to add to your listening list. It will offer you a chance to gain insights from Shi Khai, COO of LongHash Ventures, an innovative company supporting blockchain projects. The podcast focuses more on discussing DeFi with well-known crypto investors to share their experience, knowledge, and opinions about the matter. Asia DeFi Network has at least 21 episodes for you to indulge in.


With the emerging development of decentralised finance, it’s essential to take advantage of what it can offer to businesses, organisations, and industries. However, before doing that, you need to invest first in learning the basics of DeFi– its definition and how it works. You don’t have to spend money to learn DeFi because there are tons of reliable and free DeFi podcasts that you can listen to. 

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