RockX Has Partnered With Interchain.FM for the Cosmos Ecosystem

RockX has partnered with Interchain.FM to open up an effective and robust validator service for most major appchains native to the Cosmos ecosystem. Running under the Interchain.FM space station brand, the official radio of Cosmos powered by RockX, this partnership will enable node services throughout the Interchain.

The host, Chjango Unchained, of Interchain.FM was an early core builder of the Cosmos ecosystem before she began hosting the now well-respected technical podcast that showcases guests with deep expertise across the Cosmos multiverse. 

RockX is one of Asia’s leading staking and tech providers with more than $500 million AUM spanning all the top staking blockchains. Its in-house dev team also provides technical support and products such as the on-chain data access nodes for more than a dozen blockchains and liquid staking solutions for Lido. This partnership marks the company’s entry into the Cosmos ecosystem. RockX CEO, Zhuling Chen, states:

RockX has already placed ourselves as one of the most trusted staking providers, and with this partnership we are excited to bring this quality and trust to the Cosmos ecosystem. Interchain.FM has already established itself as a thought leader and as such it is only fitting that we work with them moving forward.

The first chains that Interchain.FM🥩 is operating validators for are Osmosis, Umee, and Comdex.

Osmosis is the premier Cosmos DEX that people can use to access or create liquidity to swap IBC-enabled tokens without going through a centralised provider. Osmosis, the Uniswap of Cosmos, brings Superfluid Staking, the biggest advancement to Proof-of-Stake since validator slashing, allows staking tokens already being used in DeFi to additionally be staked. 

Umee is cross-chain lending and borrowing platform that allows collateralising and borrowing of IBC and Ethereum native tokens. Umee’s DeFi platform brings you a whole new staking experience via multi-chain staking, interchain leverage, and cross-chain interest rates. 

Interchain.FM 🥩 will continue to expand its node and staking services for the entire Cosmos ecosystem throughout the rest of 2022.

About RockX

RockX is Asia’s one-stop gateway to crypto finance and blockchains. Providing safe and secure technology infrastructure to support the most innovative protocols in the market. The team is equipped with a wealth of experience in mining, staking, protocol research, and infrastructure design. In recent years, the company has built access node APIs for popular Layer 1 and 2 protocols for developers, and helps companies to seamlessly access and interact with blockchains. With more than 500 million USD worth of tokens staked with RockX, we are one of Asia’s leading staking platforms. We focus on serving institutional and high net worth clients globally to compound their returns on cryptos. We are always open to collaborating with synergistic partners & innovative Web 3.0 projects and are active in building up the ecosystem.

About Interchain.FM

Interchain.FM is the leading Cosmos radio station where listeners seek alpha and holistic understanding about projects launching in the ecosystem. Podcast coverage includes broad strokes of subsectors including DeFi, bridging, NFTs, and NFT gaming as they are related to the Interchain. It uncovers the vibrant world of bleeding edge innovations currently under development in a no-nonsense long-form session to give listeners the most realistic expectations about what’s discussed. Chjango Unchained hosts these podcasts on her Cosmos Space Station and beams telemetry back down to Earth every Thursday, which is when the livestreams happen.

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