DeFi News Roundup: September 13 Week

September 13: A Recap of AMA with RockX

Rockx X StaFi AMA
Photo by StaFi

Last week, RockX and StaFi had an event where Zhuling Chen, the CEO of RockX, talked to the community about the latest development of the staking platform. The company is cooperating with StaFi to offer its services to the users better. RockX was stated to be looking for blockchains that are scalable, interoperable, decentralized, and private. RockX is currently working on securing and building for Web 3.0.

September 14: Travelling around the world with a blockchain expert


This week, Oasis tweeted about the recent interview conducted with the Editor-In-Chief of Cointelegraph, Kristina Lucrezia Corner. Kristina is a passionate communicator who supports and promotes innovation and helps visionaries express and translates their ideas into a language that everyone in the world understands. 

The Oasis team asked her why she entered the blockchain space. She told the team that he’s been working with innovators and entrepreneurs during her journey as a journalist. Her discovery of the blockchain space is no coincidence.

September 15: StaFi Liquid Staking Released on Binance

StaFi Stakingdrop Campaign
Photo by StaFi

“We have released the liquid staking solution #rBNB for staked $BNB on @binance! rBNB APP integration and the stakingdrop campaign for rBNB is coming soon, please stay tuned.”

This was tweeted by StaFi this week, as the team moves toward more innovation and development. 

The liquid staking solution by StaFi is brought on Binance, one of the largest crypto platforms in the world. A few months ago, Binance released news that StaFi will join the platform soon in the Innovation Zone. During the time when the news was released, Binance also stated that users could already deposit into FIS (StaFi) in preparation for the trading. 

September 16: Jump Trading Group Launches Jump Crypto

Jump Crypto Launch
Photo by Business Wire

This week, Oasis Network congratulated Jump Crypto for launching. The network tweeted,

“Congrats to @jumpcryptohq on your launch! Jump has been a close supporter of the Oasis Network and a pivotal member of the community. We’re eager to continue collaborating with them and their star team in the coming months and years.” 

Jump Crypto also disclosed in a tweet that it has been working for the project for the past six years. Its deep involvement with different partners and trading activities in the crypto space led them to launch Jump Crypto. Per the project’s official website, the project is brought to users by Jump Trading Group—a firm that has grown from the CME to a research-driven trading firm.

September 17: XCM Part II: Versioning and Compatibility

Polkadot XCM Part II

Gavin Wood, the founder of Polkadot, has released its XCM Part II, which includes the versioning and compatibility updates for the network. According to Gavin, identifying the version of XCM to use is a great way to start to make sure that they are communicating what they want to say. The network does this by utilizing a number of version wrapper types, which wrap up an XCM message. So, whenever the XCM message is sent, it is sent in a versioned container. This allows any system, even if those old ones, to read the messages without a problem. 

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