DeFi News Roundup: August 16 Week

Aug 16: What’s New with Solana?

Solana Ecosystem News | Solana: Build crypto apps that scale

This week, Solana has released its bi-weekly update regarding its ecosystem. The protocol is scheduled to publish updates every two weeks in order to update its users and investors. So, what’s new to Solana now? According to its update, there are now more than 400 projects on the platform. Among the new projects on Solana are decentralized exchanges, digital games, lending protocols, wallet solutions, and storage solutions. Considering that more and more blockchain projects are choosing Solana as their open-source protocol, we can see that Solana is continuously growing. 

Aug 17: Alibaba launches NFT auction for game developers and artists


This month, big retail players seem to be airing their interest in cryptocurrencies. Recently, news broke out about Amazon and Walmart looking for a crypto head to manage its crypto ventures, although Amazon denied the rumor later on. Walmart then posted a job ad that it’s looking for a crypto expert to manage its crypto investments. To add to the list, Alibaba just ventured into NFTs. 

NFTs are now becoming rampant in China while cryptocurrencies are still banned. Alibaba Group recently opened its NFT marketplace where developers and investors can participate in auctions. According to Alibaba, the auction will start in September but has no specific date yet. The minimum bid is 100 yuan, which is equivalent to more or less $15. 

Aug 18: StaFi Forms Strategic Partnerships With RockX

RockX is gaining more popularity from blockchain technologies for being a trusted staking as a platform service. This week, StaFi partnered with Rockx for a long-term ecosystem partnership. RockX will become an integral part of StaFi’s ecosystem, and it will share its experience and expertise in areas such as decentralization, reliability, and security. The professional staking platform will join StaFi as an original validator for rTokens like rKSM, rETH, and rDOT. 

StaFi is a decentralized finance protocol specializing in the liquidity of staked digital assets, while RockX is a blockchain staking powerhouse for popular blockchain networks such as Solana, Oasism IoTeX, Kusama, and more.

Aug 19: Ledger Live integrates ‘accessible’ Ether staking option

Ledger Releases Full Ledger Live Mobile App & Adds Cardano Support

If you are a fan of Ethereum and its native token Ether (ETH), you are probably excited about the news that Ledger Live is now offering an accessible Ether staking option via Lido. Ledger recently announced its partnership with Lido Finance, an Ethereum 2.0 staking solution. According to Ledger, this partnership aims to provide greater accessibility and liquidity for existing and new stakers in the market. Now that staking is becoming more and more popular, investors are starting to venture out into Proof of Stake as part of their investments

Ledger is known for its hardware wallet. Users use its technology since it’s safer than most digital crypto wallets in the market. As a hardware wallet, Ledger provides its users a physical wallet where they can store their cryptocurrencies. In staking, hardware wallets like Ledger are used in cold staking, wherein those who want to stake can do it offline, even without a digital exchange wallet. 

Aug 20: RockX is shortlisted as an operator for stETH and stSol

RockX is proud to be a part of Lido’s shortlist in terms of stETH and stSOL. Before the release of the shortlist, the Lido Node Operator Subgovernance Group (LNOSG) screened 13 applications for the Ethereum protocol and more than 50 applications for the Solana protocol to be included in the Lido Node Operator set. 

During the evaluation, five applications were shortlisted for the Ethereum protocol, namely Blockdaemon, Figment, RockX, AllNodes, and Anyblock Analytics. For the Solana protocol, some that have the potential to be chosen are Chorus One, RockX, Everstake, Staking Fund, and P2P Validator. For both protocols, RockX is shortlisted and has the big potential to be chosen as part of the Lido Node Operator set. Now, the staking platform is up for community voting. RockX is happy to announce its partnership with famous protocols such as Lido Finance, Solana, and Ethereum. 

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