RockX Fundraising Announcement

RockX Receives $6M in Successful Series A Funding Led by Amber Group

RockX is proud to announce raising US$6 million in Series A funding, which places the blockchain tech startup at a valuation of US$30 million. 

This scalability push comes after a period of sustained and healthy growth for RockX and the broader staking market. In 2022, RockX doubled its business, reaching managed assets to just under US$1 billion in value. Having added partnerships with crucial protocols like Lido and, these affiliations will place RockX at the forefront of staking innovations and provide a solid validator backbone for mainstream PoS solutions alike. 

This unique positioning was recognised in the Series A funding round by investors led by Amber Group, a leading digital asset platform, and several crypto space trailblazers such as Matrixport, Primitive Ventures, FBG Capital, IMO Ventures, Alpha CW, Megastake and Draper Dragon. 

Amber Group CEO Michael Wu highlighted the immense value generated by RockX’s groundbreaking approach to staking protocols. He described the funds invested as a commitment to sustaining the company’s ambitions for growth, which are synergistic to Amber Group’s long-term strategy, and a sign of faith in RockX’s team and leadership. 

Other key investors were attracted by the leading role the company has taken in providing an accessible gateway to staking finance. John Ge, Co-Founder of Matrixport, underlined how this brings the unrivalled potential for growth in the space. 

Ultimately, what gained support from investors such as Dovey Wan, Founding Partner at Primitive Ventures, was the team’s longevity in the space and robust stance ‘through many market cycles’ — making RockX a ‘rare find’. The approach RockX has had to non-custodial staking and reliance on sophisticated on-chain data products are seen by Series A backers as key features for this space. 

Zhuling Chen, who acts as the Chief Executive Officer of RockX, put it plainly but convincingly: 

‘The trust and confidence our investors have placed in us make us uniquely positioned to become the leading global staking and data services provider’. 

About RockX

RockX ( is Asia’s one-stop gateway to crypto finance and blockchains. The team is equipped with a wealth of experience in mining, staking, protocol research, and infrastructure design. In recent years, the company has built access node APIs for popular Layer 1 and 2 protocols for developers, and helps companies to seamlessly access and interact with blockchains.

With over USD 900 million worth of tokens staked, RockX is one of Asia’s leading staking platforms. Focusing on serving institutional and high net-worth clients globally to compound their returns on cryptocurrencies, RockX is always open to collaborating with synergistic partners & innovative Web 3.0 projects, ultimately helping to build the decentralised financial ecosystem.

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