RockX Partners With DoraHacks to Support Web3 Developers

RockX, a leading blockchain fintech company and gateway to web3.0, has partnered with DoraHacks, a global leading hacker organisation. This exciting new partnership will support web3.0 developers globally.

By partnering with DoraHacks, RockX will support developers from all over the world, providing free developer access to access nodes for any team or individual to build on all major PoS blockchains. Additionally, RockX will provide enterprise-grade access node infrastructure for future use. Over time, RockX will continually add new ways to support the wider community with DoraHacks. To date, they have provided more than $20m in grants & donations, and together with RockX products, this partnership will better support open-source and early-stage developers and ventures, and equip innovators to break through to new frontiers in web3.0.

About RockX

RockX ( is a blockchain fintech company that helps everyone to embrace web 3.0 effortlessly through the development of innovative products and infrastructure. They strive to enable institutions and disruptors in the financial and internet sectors to gain seamless access to blockchain data, crypto yield products, and best-in-class kay management solutions in a sustainable way. With over USD 900 million worth of tokens staked, RockX is an innovator in liquid staking, data services, and MPC key management, partnering with prominent firms like Lido, SSV Network, Cronos, and Ambergroup.

About DoraHacks

Founded in 2014, DoraHacks ( is a global leading hacker organisation that acts as a bridge, connecting hackers to enterprise challenges and entrepreneurial ideas. DoraHacks has reached over 300,000 hackers worldwide, and hosted 100+ hackathons in 15 cities, spanning 8 countries with more than 400 partners.

DoraHacks launched DoraHacks HackHub in 2019, an online platform that brings together global talents, including developers, technology practitioners, and entrepreneurs. The hub allows hackers to create a profile, communicate and collaborate with other hackers online from around the world, and participate in web-based hacks or competitions.

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