How SSV Network’s Mainnet Launch Will Secure Ethereum

Decentralization is the key principle behind Distributed Validator Technology (DVT), an innovative open-source protocol that has been working on since it was first proposed in January 2022. RockX has been working with on this revolutionary advancement, and we are now extremely excited to announce that we are a Mainnet Verified Operator on SSV Network. DVT is something that, as a staking provider for over 20 blockchains, RockX is enthusiastic to be working on.

Now, SSV’s Mainnet launch has arrived! With a focus on decentralizing Ethereum and boosting its validation layer, SSV together with its partners invites everyone to join in the endeavor to make the ecosystem even more robust. SSV Network is rolling out its launch in phases to ensure that things run smoothly. At this point, we are at the limited launch, in which RockX together with many other partners have been unveiled as VOs on the mainnet. The launch phases and overall vision are best described in SSV’s own post about the topic.

SSV revolutionizes the concept of validation by distributing validator responsibilities across multiple nodes. Unlike traditional models, SSV empowers a decentralized staking layer directly within the Ethereum ecosystem, introducing a pivotal advancement. By enabling the creation of fault-tolerant validator instances across multiple machines, SSV ensures uninterrupted validator performance even if individual nodes encounter faults or disruptions. SSV amalgamates various cutting-edge technologies including distributed key generation, Shamir’s secret sharing, multi-party computation, and Istanbul’s Byzantine Fault Tolerance, each playing a vital role in this transformative system.

In short, SSV will radically improve staking security through decentralization. Please find more detailed information on it on SSV Network’s blog. We look forward to continuing this partnership and making full use of the resulting technology to bring our clients nothing but the best infrastructure. Whether you are staking on-chain or liquid staking through our proprietary institutional liquid staking platform, Bedrock, SSV is something that will revolutionize security for Ethereum staking.

As an official partner of SSV Network, RockX is thrilled to be a part of this mission to further decentralize Ethereum, revolutionizing the world of staking through SSV’s innovative approach to tackling Ethereum’s validator layer challenges.

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