Case Study: Enhancing Institutional Crypto Staking with RockX and Cactus Custody

The lucrative world of crypto has drawn in institutions from traditional finance, such as banks, hedge funds, asset managers and more. However, recent changes and uncertainties surrounding legal regulations on digital assets have made this investment class riskier than before. Cactus Custody was created to address this issue and simplify digital investments for institutional and high-net-worth investors. To bring the best value to their clients, they decided to integrate ETH staking into their offerings. 


In an innovative leap forward for institutional cryptocurrency services, RockX, a leading digital assets platform, partnered with Matrixport’s Cactus Custody™, one of the world’s most secure and compliant custody solutions. This strategic alliance was aimed at bolstering institutional-grade crypto staking capabilities, responding to the growing demand for secure and efficient staking services among institutional investors.


Institutional clients, including hedge funds, family offices, and asset managers, have shown increasing interest in cryptocurrency staking as a way to generate yield on their holdings. However, the complexity of staking, coupled with the stringent security and compliance requirements of institutional investors, presented significant barriers to entry.


The collaboration between RockX and Cactus Custody addressed these challenges head-on by integrating RockX’s advanced ETH Native Staking Solutions with Cactus Custody’s secure custody platform. This integration offered institutions a seamless, secure, and compliant way to stake Ethereum directly from their custody accounts, without compromising on security or operational efficiency.


The partnership leveraged RockX’s technical expertise in blockchain technology and staking, alongside Cactus Custody’s robust security measures and global compliance framework. This allowed for a streamlined staking process where institutional clients could easily participate in Ethereum staking, benefiting from RockX’s optimized staking strategies and Cactus Custody’s high-security standards.


The integration of RockX’s staking solutions with Cactus Custody significantly lowered the entry barriers for institutional clients, making it easier for them to engage in ETH staking. This collaboration not only enhanced the staking journey for clients but also contributed to the overall growth and security of the Ethereum ecosystem. Clients of Cactus Custody now enjoy the benefits of a hassle-free staking process, including competitive staking rewards, without compromising on the security of their assets.


The partnership between RockX and Cactus Custody exemplifies the potential of collaborative innovation in the cryptocurrency space, providing a blueprint for how institutions can safely and effectively engage in staking activities. This case study demonstrates the tangible benefits of strategic collaborations in expanding the accessibility and security of cryptocurrency staking for institutional investors, setting a new standard for the industry.

If you would like to integrate native ETH staking into your own Web3 product or service, you may learn more about the process in our step-by-step guide, or simply by contacting our team for more information. 

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