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Binance is Everywhere: A Social Commentary

Given that Binance is the leading cryptocurrency exchange with 120 million registered users worldwide, it makes sense that…
Someone is placing a gold coin on top of a stack of gold coins.
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How DeFi Will Change the Way We Earn

We’ve said this before: decentralisation is here to stay, and we better do our best to fit around…
malaysian flag flying in front of a clear blue sky
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8 Ways to Buy Crypto in Malaysia

In Malaysia, cryptocurrency is considered an asset rather than a currency. This means that there are no laws…
a pile of gold bitcoins in the foreground with one facing you, and a gold shark in the background along with an image of a financial chart
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What is Wash Trading in Crypto?

Today’s investors live in a world where a plethora of market data is available for every single security…